Latrice and I are enthusiast of our existing businesses and, while we hate to sacrifice other important, symbolic, and fabulous gifts, we believe that if we can grow our business we will be able to give back to our family, friends and save the world (lol)!! No, seriously...Latrice gets on me all the time for attempting to save the world!! :-)

If you know us, you know that we are extreme protectors, providers and GIVERS (oldest child syndrome I guess). So, because we don't need pots and pans, we ask you to give us a hand with growing our three businesses (Nikki's Treats, Maxx Travels, and Lat Jack Electronics) as well as aid in our plight to give back to the organization that helps build awareness for my condition, Agnioma Alliance (

We understand that this is not a traditional gift, but it is a MUCH appreciated gift that we believe will help us for years to come as we continue to grow our family.